Delayed shutdown after finished print, possible?!



I have an Anycubic i3 Mega. When i print "offline" via SD-Card and the print is finished, the PSU Fan and Mainboard Fan are cooling down the printer for about 5 minutes after the print. Is it possible to add a delay in the Automatic Shutdown Plugin? Where you have multiple options, e.g. "Shutdown printer 5 minutes after print is finished" ; "Shutdown printer 2 minutes after print is finished" and so on.

It would be very nice if someone can help me! :slight_smile:

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I moved this over to the Plugins area since you're asking for help with the Automatic Shutdown plugin itself.


you can do this yourself rather easily ...

the "shutdown" is usually done trough G-CODE (mostly disabling the printer with M18 or M84 or both) ... so all you want to do is find where you are injecting this M18 or M84 (end of print in octoprint or end of script in your slicer or ...) and remove it :slight_smile: ..

then you at the scripts part of the gcode edit "ending scripts" and add something like

M400 ; wait for queue to be empty
G4 S300 ; wait 300seconds 
M84 ; disable steppers


I do this with PSU Control plugin, that turns off the printer power supply after x minutes.