[Feature Request] Pushover Plugin: push a picture at regular intervals while printing


Hi all!
I am using the Pushover plugin and I like it very much. Would it be possible to add the feature to push a picture at regular intervals, as long as the print is going on? With intervals to be chosen? So I would get a pushover message with a picture of my print every x minutes as long as the print is not finished? That would be great!


The Telegram plugin can do this.
And the Discord plugins too: No 1 and No 2


@THHL : So, did it help you?


Hi Ewald,

not yet... :slight_smile:
Since I am using Pushover mainly for my home automation, I am happy that I can use the same tool for OctoPrint, too. I don't want to start using a 2nd similar App only to be able to use the requested feature. Maybe if I find the time I could look into the source of the plugins you mentioned and try to copy this function into the pushover plugin. But I am no Perl programmer, really.