Could we get a multi printer multi camera octopi rasp pi image?


could we get a multi printer multi camera octopi rasp pi image?


The raspberrypi does not have enough computing power to run more than one printer.

If you think this is critical you are welcome to submit a pull request.


I have configuring a Debian based server to accomplish this on some old PC hardware I had laying around. Something that could theoretically also run on a beefier SBC/SOC. I've tried to replicate the OctoPi setup, but it is a little messy.

Any input/suggestions you may have around configuring mjpeg-streamer & haproxy for a multiprinter environment would be appreciated.


Search the forum here for "multiple". The topic has been discussed and solved a few times.


Hello... I managed to configure my new toshiba Wifi SD yesterday, set it as mapped drive and that's all i want: to drag&drop a file to SD without moving SD. So i guess my story with RPi is pretty much over. I dont' intend to print directly from printer, because it's just too many factors that cango wrong - wifi can go down, PC can freeze, RPi can freeze, printing from SD is the most reliable in any case.

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Possibly... but I have a Raspberry Pi 3B that's inside my printer and it's dedicated to streaming the job to the RAMPS board. It's a serial cable rather than wi-fi that manages this streaming.

Even if the wi-fi goes down, the OctoPrint instance still streams over the serial cable.

During the setup wizard, just indicate that you don't want it to check the network connectivity and it's pretty stand-alone at that point. Just don't install plugins like Anywhere or something that get unhappy when the wi-fi goes down.