Bed Level Visualizer


Correct. The Bed Visualizer plugin just displays the leveling report provided by the firmware, does not send save commands or otherwise (unless you include it in the gcode script).


u got a "save mesh" checkbox in the plugin settings.


Good point. It does save settings, and when that option is enabled it saves the mesh to OctoPrint's config.yaml. What I meant to say is that is does not send any commands to your firmware to store EEPROM settings (ie M500).


ahh and that i was not sure about.

so this is my config and i have m500 m501 in it to be sure.

use M420 S1 in ur start code to enable and use the mesh ( or enable RESTORE_MESH_AFTER_G28 in ur firmware config )

use this to level once every few weeks or if i change sth

M190 S70 ;wait for bed temp
M155 S30 ;lower temp report for better probing
G28 ;home
G29 T ;ABL and echo report
M500 ;save new mesh
M501 ;load new mesh
M155 S3 ;set temp report back
M140 S0 ;disable bed heating